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The secret sound garden of Francesco Novara
francesco 11.jpg
After a long day in a hot, sunbaked Fabrica, a rabble of eager fabricanti clutching ice creams and coffee freshly expelled from the the machinetta, hasten their way down to the cool depths of the Fabrica Cinema for an extended evening of film and frolics.
They are met by Francesco Novara, veteran of F A B R I C A Musica, waiting, poised to present beneath a huge projection screen showing an entrance display of 'hilarious football goofs' to lighten the mood. When we are all sitting comfortably, Francesco begins. “It can be a little lonely [recording and producing in the studio] as you're always on you're own”, he explains, not quite answering the question always on our minds at the start of Thurs-Day-Night fabricanti presentations of 'what exactly do you do at Fabrica?' Although everyone had previously heard Francesco's work and were aware of his talent, it still came as a surprise when one month ago he revealed 'The quick fox and the lazy dog', the original CD accompaniment to the Fabrica ColoursNotebook project. In his Thurs-Day-Night presentation Francesco picks apart various tracks from this collection for us, revealing the method in the madness which took stimulus from computer font names such as 'courier new' and turned them into recorded samples which were then mixed, chopped and assembled along with a series of diverse rhythms and vocals, all produced by Francesco himself, to create this album of original contemporary music which was presented with the ColorsNotebook project in Berlin last month.
The presentation culminated with a full volume 'sound a light show' (thank you to Gabo on the lights...) of 'Stencil', a fabricanti favorite off 'The quick fox and the lazy dog', leaving everyone just about rejuvenated enough to take on the Godfather double bill which took the more hardcore film watchers way into the night.

Originally from
ReBlogged by lottie on Jul 3, 2008 at 05:26 PM | Comments (0)

Fabrica Forma Fotografia has winners

The FFF contest, promoted by Fabrica and by Forma, International Center of Photography, Milano, received about 160 entries from all over the world for both F and F25 awards.


The recipient of the F award is Leonie Purchas, from Great Britain, with the essay “In the shadow of things.”
The winner of the F25 award is for Abdul Munem Wasif, from Bangladesh, with “Old Dhaka”.
The winning F project will receive a contribution of euro 20.000, the possibility of publishing a book and of having an exhibition of the selected work. The F25 winner (for photographers under 25), will be awarded a one year scholarship in Fabrica's Photography Department.

Originally from
ReBlogged by karol de rueda on Jul 1, 2008 at 10:03 PM | Comments (0)

Cordially Invited

Fabrica Features participated with some new ideas, including music, in the Milan International Furniture Show 2008.


Find the info here.

Originally from
ReBlogged by karol de rueda on Apr 21, 2008 at 03:42 PM | Comments (0)


Freelance illustrator, writer and painter, ex fabricante Andrew Luke –better known as Andy Sinboy, is featuring his new and shiny website.


Lover of all things which entail coloring, fiddling and using one's thinkbox, he also enjoys doing collaborations, especially when they are remunerated with hard cash or busty brunettes. The truth is that you can probably buy him with alcohol too.

Originally from
ReBlogged by karol de rueda on Jul 19, 2007 at 03:04 PM | Comments (3)

Introducing: World Today

I'm proud to announce my very own Fabrica project, called World Today, for which we are looking for independent Editors from around the world for collaboration:

Editors Wanted

Through the technical and financial development of our society, the world has become smaller than ever. Dominating cultures stretch their influences through the global medias and communication tools. In some cases this adds value to a local culture, but in many cases it waters cultural diversity down.

The aim of this project is to cultivate these local varieties and to publish an honest reflection of our world today, accessable to everybody, also to those with low education levels. We want to give a voice to people outside of the mainstream and to deliver reliable and direct information about local cultures.

Therefore we are looking for English speaking Editors from around the world, with a strong connection to their cultural roots and a fine understanding in how to approach local people from different social classes and races.

If you are interested, please contact Christian Etter through e-mail christian.etter(at)fabrica.it to receive more information.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 3, 2007 at 06:35 PM | Comments (7)

'Venice is Not Sinking' is out!

Hey Kids, now you can finally own your own copy of "Venice is Not Sinking" a compilation of 10 short stories and 6 short films that were written, produced, and illustrated from some of your very favourite Fabricanti and special guests.


Published by Marsilio, in collaboration with Venice is not sinking, an association promoting cultural initiatives in Venice.

Visit the official website here, where you can download some of the stories and videos.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on Nov 16, 2006 at 09:43 AM | Comments (1)

It's Mensa* Time! Widget

Announcing the coolest widget a Fabricante could ever have:

Mensalady Widget for OS X

mensawidget1.gif mensawidget2.gif

What it does:

The widget will say "Its mensa time!" at 12:40 regardles it's visible or not. It will also show random crazy quotes, and if you click on the mensa lady, she will turn around and show you the daily menu.

Want it? It's currently in its final testing phase, so contact me if you want to be a beta tester.

This wicked widget is developed by our software expert Oriol Ferrer Mesi , illustration is by the one-and-only Tech Tuesday's Andy Rementer, and the writing is by the resident funny writer, Matt Prins.

* If you must know: here at Fabrica we eat lunch at the Benetton canteen, known as "Mensa" to us, on a daily basis. A mensa lady is our cafeteria girl. And since we're in Italy, lunch is about the best part of the day -- we wake up and come to work looking forward to it. Yeah, it's an inside joke, but so is half of this blog.

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Sep 21, 2006 at 08:12 PM | Comments (1)

TOPOLO': a borderland between reality and imagination

Marco Mucig, It moves through, Stazione di Topolò 2006.

Until 16th July- Topolò, Udine.

Topolò/ Topolove is not a fairy tale village but a real place between Italy and Slovenia with 33 inhabitants. Since 1994 in July it turns into "Topolò Station- Postaja Topolove" a place of sensitive encounters and cultural exchange. Topolò s not an episodic event or a festival but a place where art meets life, where you are completely immersed in an artistic atmosphere. For this year's edition of Stazione/ Postaia also the Fabricante Marco Mucig has been involved to develop a project. It moves through is the title of his video created by capturing istants and images of Topolo' s village. The peculiarity of this artistic project is that the emergence of a little detail brings life to an apparently immobile situation.These are the artist words to present his project:
There are places where nothing happens: ideas stale and people migrate. Those places, led by different circumstances to stall, seem not destined to change. If you take a closer look through, even there something moves: insignificant vibrations, meaningless details which carry the prophecy of a rebirth, the hopefor a revolution. With my camera i will explore the village's path to choose views and situations that i will photograph over time. The editing of these images will create a video. In every situation, apparently condemned to stale, a little detail will bring a new life, since the interest for little things is the only engine able to rescue arid, bored, immobile worlds.

Originally from
ReBlogged by silvia on Jul 14, 2006 at 12:39 PM | Comments (0)

Fabrica T-Shirts Now in Stores

We posted earlier about these T-Shirts being available, when we found out about it from Papermag... but who else on earth would be better to give you all the info about these shirts but us?!? Hell, we made them! So I went hunting for the images of the shirts and here I give them to you. (Thanks Marian!)

Fabrica Limited Edition T-Shirts

The Fabrica Limited Edition T-shirts: T-shirts You Want to Wear are now on shelves in the Benetton stores around the world. These shirts were designed by the Fabricanti in the Visual Communications department, and they're now available for you to buy! buy! buy! They come in both men and women's sizes, though some designs are limited to one gender or another. We do hope they don't cost a fortune, so we can actually afford to get them ourselves. Did I mention it's limited edition? Go now!
Benetton store locator

More detailed images of the designs in the full post, so you can make your selection before running to the stores.

Continue reading "Fabrica T-Shirts Now in Stores"

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Jun 12, 2006 at 03:33 PM | Comments (3)

Home Entertainment at Colette in Paris

Another Fabrica installation is going up in the world, this time in the uberhip store Colette in Paris. Besides the interactive installation in the window, there will also be a very unique "Ice Cream Performance" by our ice-cream designer, Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya.

An interactive mixed media installation by Fabrica artists exhibited in the windows of colette.

Paris, 12 –17 June 2006
Sneak-preview, 9 June from 6pm – 9pm.

Read more

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Jun 7, 2006 at 10:41 AM | Comments (3)

Icing or Cake... in NYC this week!


Fabricanti Selwa Sweidan, Bethany Koby, and Eric Faggin are in NYC this week for their installation prepared to coincide with the ICFF New York. Stop by and check them out!

This off-site installation takes place in two storefront windows in Manhattan exploring the stories of objects and the relationships between the design, the designer, the producer, the shopkeeper and the customer. We will physically strip the surface and dissasemble a couch to then create and display objects composed of pieces of a couch.

May 17-19: Chasahama, 112 West 44th Street.
Visitng hours: 12-5pm

May 20-23: The Apartment, 101 Crosby Street.
Visitng hours: 1-7pm


Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on May 15, 2006 at 03:06 PM | Comments (3)

Fabrica does Bologna Politics

The unsuccessful and awfully delayed server move, which paused the blogging activity on blog.Fabrica, caused us to miss covering not only the Milan's Salone Del Mobile but also the election! We also failed to inform you about this project:

From April 3 - 17, a Fabrica project was installed at the Fabrica Features store front in Bologna to coincide with the Italian national election. The project, which utilizes CommPose (developed here at Fabrica Interactive), was titled "Left-Right-Center: Your Pictures, Your Politics". This interactive installation asked the viewer to contribute cellphone photos to screens that are titled "left" "right" "center", accordingly.

Well, the installation finished and in the end collected 105 photos, evenly divided into 3 groups of political stance -- which we find to be such uncanny representative of the result of the national election -- with the "Left" screen had slightly more photos. ;-)

The result of that installation is now on a website, http://2005to2007.fabrica.it/left-right-center

More installation are in the planning for the CommPose system: Bangkok, Toronto, and even a proposal for São Paulo, Brazil is in the works! Stay tune.

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Apr 27, 2006 at 12:01 PM | Comments (3)

"View from my house, go here at least once!"

A very special blog.FABRICA feature brought to you by the collective minds of Fabricanti. As Easter holiday, May Day and the rest of the summer is coming up, you may be wanting to plan your summer travels... so here's a tip of what our backyard looks like from around the world:

From Rune Ricciardelli
"this is what you can see from my house in positano!
everybody should go there once!!!!"

From Daniel Hirschman
Heres a little pic from Southern Africa... Everybody should go there at least once toooooo!

From Federico Urdanata
this is what you can see from my house in bogota!
everybody should go there once!!!!

(and lots more after the break!)

Continue reading ""View from my house, go here at least once!""

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Mar 30, 2006 at 01:37 PM | Comments (0)

Introducing Art Report

A more in-depth report blog focusing on new media art research by Fabrica Interactive Department, currently featuring researches and field reports in both Italian and English! It's mostly being updated by Silvia, but contributions by Fabricante are welcomed. If you have something you feel is appropriate, just talk to us (Ann or Silvia).

happy reading!

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Feb 17, 2006 at 12:44 PM | Comments (0)

Featuring Fabricante...

Fabricante Andy Rementer's work gets featured in technology related blogs for his anti-ipod stickers:


Earlier this year, a New Yorker named Andy Rementer put up posters in Manhattan, showing a crudely-drawn iPod, with the words "You don't need me" written on its screen. Photos of the posters became popular on-line; like Sak's video, they quickly stirred up a debate.

"I was frustrated by the way iPods were forced upon us," says Rementer, adding that protest is tough in an iPod world. "Most people were complaining about the fact that I drew the wrong number of buttons on the iPod."

read more on the anti-ipod movement from the globe and mail.

and months ago, this image of his paste up was flickr-ed by Shira Golding

then picked up by Engadget, where he gets priceless comments like:

wrong number of buttons.

Its a kid who wants to buy one but his parents wont let him, so he's telling people not to get them. Simple as that.

but i do need you!

and so on...

give him props at the mensa!

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Nov 16, 2005 at 10:31 AM | Comments (0)

b.F Featured Project: Their Circular Life

Their Circular Life: an exploration about human behavior

In the artists' own words: "Humans are all equal. They have the same needs. They feel, act and behave accordingly to an unknown law. Urban places know this well. By living the life of urban infrastructure, you become an external observer of what happens everyday in every place on earth."



Their Circular Life is a web-based photography project by Lorenzo Fonda and Davide Terenzi that narrates a day-in-life of an urban infrastructure. There are currently five stories online, and they are waiting for more.

Still photos and sound clips are collected from a single point of view over a 24 hour period, then combined together to make a time-lapsed video of that urban infrastructure's perspective. The Flash interface allows the viewer to control the circular timeline and explore the life of the environment.

Lorenzo and Davide started this project in 2001 and shot in two different locations. They've opened up the project for contribution: you can download the flash file, take photos from your bedroom window (or anywhere else), record some sounds, and add your own Circular Life scene to the project.

explore: http://www.theircircularlife.it

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Oct 19, 2005 at 02:31 PM | Comments (3)