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Fabrica News

Fabrica News

Yesterday everybody in Fabrica was asked to come to the auditorium. There we found Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi with a new plan for Fabrica. Here is a summary:

Fabrica wants to become more professional and play in the same league as the leading international advertising agencies. This will require bringing experts in global advertising on board.

Next, to the market oriented projects, Fabrica wants to invest in innovation. That means that they will ask people from around the world to send in ideas and concepts and then choose some of them for realization.

This would mean an end to one year grants. They want to realize projects together with the initiators only for the period of the project. Realization can take place in other parts of the world and does not need to be physically based inside of Fabrica.

As well, they will head hunt people with fresh new styles and ideas.

A reason for this change, we have been told, is due to a lack of happiness and motivation they have felt between us students. People who would stay for the needed amount of time to realize their project would bring more enthusiasm, energy, and focus.

There will be interviews with every Fabricanti in December to define their new role inside of this new concept. In June 2007 they will decide who and what should stay and who and what should move on.

As we've not been able to discuss the matter as a whole, please provide your thoughts and comments on the future of Fabrica here.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on Dec 5, 2006 at 09:00 AM Posted by christian etter on Dec 5, 2006 at 09:00 AM


oh! this just can't be true, just when i was going to send my portfolio they made this new plan :'(

Posted by: cualquier chica at 01.12.2006 09:36 PM

Are you kidding me? I also was thinking about sending my portfolio, and this is a big let down. Although, I would like to be a part of Fabrica in the future, in any way possible. I think a community of artists, be it Music, Writing, Video,... all the fields that the Fabrica program had devised. When I first learned of Fabrica was some months ago and was very excited, the community of all the many fields and forms of art expression made me realize how great an opportunity it would be to revolucionize the way media in general is displayed. Bennetton has a long history of creating controversial advertisments... which I believe that if they were in any way controversial was because for the first time you received something from it, and in the matter that was presented it made you think. Form an opinion (on aids, racism, along with other themes), ... wake you up a bit.

As I first saw this, I thought to myself: "Here is a perfect oportunity for me as a writer to have a community, and the experience of communion among artists in different fields to get together and make creative progress towards this new times. A generation of artists that can set a higher standard in imagination, projection, display, quality and level of what to expect in the future of media (be it art, literature, news -Colors, my congratulations to Bennetton, bless you all for it- music, and advertisement...) or something greater."

The year program, is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY, and hopefully will be well though before taking it out. With my respects to all fabricanti, and all involved in this wonderful program, my congratulations, and with the hope for the best and the continuation of this program,

Daniel Alvarez
El Paso, TX USA

Posted by: Daniel Alvarez at 02.12.2006 02:22 AM

The thing that made Fabrica special was its ability to exist outside the advertising world. To not have to chase the same thing that advertising agencies chase. There are far too many advertising agencies in the world and not enough Fabricas. Now Benetton can never refer to it's creative research institute as being unique. It's just another lump of concrete.

Alfio - you really "fucked the dog" on this one.
Laura - you may not care about Fabrica, but other people did.
Fabricanti & Department Heads - I'm really sorry. At least you're still in Italy, which is sort of redeeming.

Posted by: Mark at 02.12.2006 04:47 AM

Hey so would this new plan mean the building would be empty, or are there plans to 'do up' the interiors in a way that complies to the 'leading international advertising agencies' standards.

I request any of you Fabricanti to paint a graffiti of Norman Foster screwing Tadao Ando in one of the corridors.

Posted by: warhero at 02.12.2006 07:43 AM

oh! FABRICA we were waiting for you!!!

( I'm still in shock and is not only because of my desire of being a fabricanti in the future )

I think this new management plans for FABRICA will put it to the end as a research institute and it will be just another "advertisement agency". I don't think "ads" are those things we need to be surrounded by. What's going on with the Benetton spirit that build the idea of a young creative community that could change the experience of the world?? Now i remember their call : 'wanted creativity' and this idea doesn't match with the new desire of being part of global advertisement stuff, FABRICA wasn't mainstream and it was what made it magic to the world outside of it, i can't think about FABRICA becoming an utopia just because of this.

The work all you Fabricanti developed there for years is stronger than just advertisement, it was sublime and, , it change my idea of interaction, i fell in love with each of your creations. You never took the easy way,i guess this new situation is so hard, but creativity is what you have, use it now!!!.

Natalia Marin,

Posted by: cualquier chica at 02.12.2006 05:20 PM

Suprising to hear - considering the current programme of 1 year design intake is taking a back seat.

Hope it prevails shame to see all the work outsourced instead of it bouncing off the Fabrica walls.

I ponder who will vacate all the housing once the artists leave?

hoping to apply,
Maria Macapagal.

Posted by: Maria at 04.12.2006 09:35 AM

blaming it on the lack of motivation and happiness of the students is just them trying to point the fingers away from themselves. the bigger problem is that there's no real support for the students at fabrica, people arrive and were left to fend for themselves in terms of getting any creative work done. the lack of happiness and motivation stems from the fact that the administration never understood why the students were there in the first place. had they deliver on their promises to be a unique institution to support creativity, they might have been able to realize the potential power the community of fabrica students had to offer. instead they could only think of the most typical way to go: turn it into an ad agency. how utterly lame and uncreative.

Posted by: ann at 04.12.2006 09:40 AM

I smelled the smoke when I was leaving more than one year ago.
Now I see the fire...

Posted by: ex-lucky-fabricante at 04.12.2006 11:28 AM

As much as I hated to hear it, I couldn't help but agree with the words that came from that guy at the table. As a current fabricante I am unenthusiastic. I am because of the lack of communication, the vast amount of speculation, and the marginal amount of understanding.

I came to Fabrica with a great amount of enthusiasm. Who wouldn't after a year of waiting to get here? Who wouldn’t in a place that's supposed to encourage one to create and work creatively for a solid year? It's a deam job. I arrived with all the artistic energy in my bones. And then I sat at a desk, wrote some blog entries for Benetton's site and started writing some short stories for myself, in hopes that someone would take interest and publish them as a collection. (Exactly as i was doing at home).

Nobody, aside from the other Fabricante here, has ever come to me and asked for my ideas or input. In fact, the first week I arrived I was told not to come up with any project that would cost any amount of money… which leaves me with nothing. So it's no wonder I'm unenthused. I've basically been told to do nothing aside from Benetton's work here. Mind you, I have written more than I ever have, but nothing has been done with that writing inside of Fabrica.

While all of this does make me very angry, nothing has ever made me angrier than being told I am unenthusiastic from someone I have never seen or met in my life, and being blamed for the “failures” of this “company” as a result of my supposed attitude.

Maybe I'm being over-sensitive.

Posted by: Matt at 04.12.2006 12:43 PM

Ok, let us not cry about this now!
I think the people at the Benetton office have done some "grave" digging to come up with reasons to scrap off this program. I am not going to mention all the facts about how this place is great etc from the point of view of the Fabricanti and all those trying to take a leap into the profession through here. Let us not get too emotional and personal about it.

The reality of the matter is that Fabrica is a huge marketing rig for the Benetton group and to some extent a profit puller too. This fact has not been hidden. The sad thing is that the management at Benetton is now failing to realize and utilize the strong assets of the people at Fabrica from a business point of view.
The Fabricanti are cheap labour. A mine of bursting creativity available to the Benetton group by offering a stipend that could only buy the Fabricanti peanuts.
The age group of Fabricanti is also the age group to which Benetton sells most of it's clothing under the brand names UCB, Sisley, Playlife and Killerloop. A great marketing idea to make their consumers "Insiders", making them feel at home and announcing it to the world to have increasing profits.
Needless to say all companies are going global now. The Benetton brands too have a global presence. The Fabricanti and those who want to be a part of Fabrica are all globe trotters. They all represent the global consumers of Benetton clothing. Following the new changes at Fabrica all of these Fabricati are suddenly going to be treated as "Outsiders". The claim that all Fabricanti lack enthusiam is hurtful.
They would not buy Benetton clothes any more or have a high regard for anything that has got to do with the Benetton group. And bad words spread like wild fire. This might end up being an expensive business decision unless the Benetton group is deciding to venture outside of their current business into other arenas.

The Fabrica philosophy along with colors magazine has the capacity for cult following and has the strength to mould the thinking of the young in favour with the brand and the company.
Fabrica, to some extent has a Bauhausian nature. It is born out of the need to have a global perspective to everything in life corresponding to the fast socio-economic changes taking place on a highly global level. Just like how the German Bauhaus had an Industrial perspective to all it's activities in the early 1900s.

I dont think it's a bad idea to make Fabrica into an Advertising agency. That will keep the money coming in for the Benetton group and have a more formal, structured purpose for this institution and turn the wheels faster to bring out more work. More professional creatives from the advertising world should be brought in on managerial levels to muster all the creativity and resources. However, they should continue the 1 year grants for young creatives. Instead of offering a full paid job to people for their creative services, recruit the Fabricanti as staff for a stipend. Obviously this would mean cutting down on the number of Fabricanti to have a more purposeful relationship.
It is necessary to understand that the most important feature of Fabricanti is that they are brand ambassadors. The Benetton group should decide to use this to their advantage even if they are now trying to run an advertising agency.
The marketing strategies of the Benetton group have succesfully put forth the company as a
"Good Samaritan" in the eyes of the people. They can still use the same strategy more effectively.

Posted by: Priya at 04.12.2006 03:28 PM


even when i was at Fabrica (feb 2002 to Aug 2003) there was a kind of flow in the the Fabricanti's fabrica period or at least that was my experience.

I was gettin in and I was super happy new friends new life and for me (that i was caming from advertisement and web industries) not to tight dead lines... super

then i started to present and promote my personal projects and everything was too difficult, because of many things as a general lazyness.

Everybody repeating you to do something simpler...

one thing is that SIMPLER for me is not simpler for you: simple is a relative concept....
also something simple to use or understood could be very complex behind and too prepare.

i get unmotivated depressed and also paranoid cause i was feeling not able to do something good as fabrica want. (and that maybe was a personal problem)

then commercial work was caming and at least
everything wasn't clear to me what should i do what pryorities should i take as most important.

I get really stressed even if there was no clue to and i get more paranoids.

Also all relationship and feedback between fabricanti about my job was taking too much importance to me.

All of this came in any agency...
with the difference that at fabrica, before, was rare to be unslipy to meet a dead line.
But was very stressful to live and to do something by yourself.

Also as creative person i was far more happy to see most projects done than few...

There was a lot of people that drops the idea of do interaction design and there was a lot of people stressed cause they weren't enough good as coders. But that wasn't really real to my point of view (If you been there you know what i mean).
And maybe was a problem of the interactive department at that period.

When i was off... i back in rome. back in advertisment and internet freelancing...
Nothing has changed except i had a better portfolio. None meet all the expectation i had at fabrica for myself.

I'm still thinkin that i was good before and i'm still good.
As Fabrica was it was not a school and not an agency but just a STAGE. and that lack the expactation for "the benetton communication reserach center".
And also make me think that i don't need clamor, cause that is the only good thing fabrica offer you. Clamor pass soon always.

After 6 years i could say it was a good experience , it was good to make commercial and non commercial projects, but i don't think that bringin more professionals in fabrica will change somenthing .

the problem of fabrica to me is a priority mess, and a not updated fabrica format in wich anything should fit in.

The problem is the message not the people.
And in this case the message is the istitution.

Haloa Stilomatic

Posted by: Antonio Stilo at 04.12.2006 03:58 PM

3 months after i've left, i am still waiting to hear about a book of short stories i put together, 'supposedly' going to be published. I've churned out projects like a ceaselessly, but the enthusiam and excitement inevitably wanes when most of them get empty promises only to be canned at the last minute for one reason or another.

As with all large organisations, I think it's difficult to fight bureaucracy or challenge the system. Maybe a change in leadership and direction might bring new possibilities- i hope.

It's such a shame.

Posted by: jules at 04.12.2006 05:21 PM

A tragedy, not unforeseen. I suppose we should focus on the best parts of our experiences. And not the gritty, death-rattle of an idealized institution falling under the blade of its own father, who, despite the magazine and the innovative campaigns, is revealed to be just another money-hungry corporation.

And by corporation, I mean exploitative ad agency.

Let us mourn.

ex-Fabricanti (01/2006-10/2006)

Posted by: A.P. Smith at 04.12.2006 05:48 PM

This is not fair. I know i'm putting it in a rather foolish way. But that's the way it is!
I've been planning to get through fabrica for a long time.And i'd been putting my projects together, been building upon them.
For me it was like the place to be at.
The whole concept of being at fabrica studying/researching in various fields- Advertising/writing/music was like my focus in life. I looked at fabrica as another platform that could guide me through uncertainties of life and give my creativity a direction.
I think, actually i don't really think what i think matters.
This is just a process of venting my thoughts out which anyway i will.

It's a wrong step.Let fabrica live the way it is.Please.
Investing in right kind of people will anyway bring innovation. It's plainly being a little narrow by saying "fabrica wants to invest in innovation".

If all you guys need is concepts/ideas- people can still do so, with fabrica being the way it is.
I think fabrica should stick to moulding an individual's creative life so that the individual helps in taking fabrica to higher levels.

i don't know if all this makes much sense...but i would still say- Let fabrica live.Not just 'cos i wanna be a part of it but to make a difference to this society, to this world and to this life.

LET FABRICA LIVE the way it is.

Posted by: Manu at 04.12.2006 07:10 PM

This is a very lame situation.

What I can tell you is that, if fabrica students were treated so rudely like that, for those that had already been selected for a trial during 2006 and, like myself, were just waiting to schedule it for the beginning of 2007 as previously agreed - and had already made other plans accordingly - they just showed no respect AT ALL.

From a few months after receiving a trial-period-selection-notification, we just lost all kind of communication with Fabrica. No answers, no notification of changes, no nothing. I finally called them, only to be treated like a crazy liar trying to get in. IT REALLY SEEMED LIKE AN ABSURD KAFKIAN EPISODE TAKEN RIGHT OUT OF “THE PROCESS”.

These circumstances show a complete disregard of professionalism. It is notoriously striking that a place claiming to be a “creative research centre on communication” shows such lack of communication skills and respect to people. Thanks to Christian for making this situation public and open to discussion.

Posted by: 2006_(once)_selected_trial_student at 04.12.2006 09:17 PM

‘I would not be surprised, if you would find – if you live long and become an artist – you’ll be an artist in spirit whether you are in fact or not – you’ll find a decided drift towards decadence.

Hatred, cruelty – taking the place of tenderness and the attempt at understanding. It’s easier.

A good many things may make it so. Industrialism, city life.

The growth of advertising and publicity.

Fake figures always being built up by publicity – in the arts, in government – everywhere.

Everyone really knowing.

The answer being cynicism.

That’s the easy way out.’

Posted by: Sherwood Anderson, letter to his son at 05.12.2006 03:06 AM

anyone know what this means for those of us that did a trial this fall???

Posted by: savala at 18.12.2006 08:50 AM

Judging from the awful way everything is being carried out, it probably means, even after the second meeting, that everything is off and that nobody will never get any "professional" explanation about what happened, just some evasive bunch of crap if you insist a lot. That's fabrica's *wonderful* communication skills.

Totally absurd.

But since the changing is very recent and still going on, better to wait and see...

Posted by: mary at 28.12.2006 06:58 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:56 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:56 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:56 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:56 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:58 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:58 PM

Dear Mrs. Alfio Pozzoni and Paolo Jannuzzi,

Posted by: Laura at 26.02.2007 08:58 PM

I can't believe this! WHERE ARE THE NEW RULES????? How do I get a chance to get into fabrica or work for it anyway. Noooooo I've been killing myself over my portfolio, quit my job and moved to São Paulo to study design more in-depth and now this?


So, can anyone tell me how do we get in now? Who do we send our portfolio to? Is there still an age limit???

Posted by: Cecilia Reifschneider at 11.03.2007 11:26 PM

I can't believe this! WHERE ARE THE NEW RULES????? How do I get a chance to get into fabrica or work for it anyway. Noooooo I've been killing myself over my portfolio, quit my job and moved to São Paulo to study design more in-depth and now this?


So, can anyone tell me how do we get in now? Who do we send our portfolio to? Is there still an age limit???

Posted by: Cecilia Reifschneider at 11.03.2007 11:28 PM

Io sono un coglione..
Alfio Pozzoni

Posted by: Alfio Pozzoni at 14.10.2007 05:46 AM

Io sono un coglione..
Alfio Pozzoni

Posted by: Alfio Pozzoni at 14.10.2007 05:46 AM

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